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Ibermaison – Living with Art

Founded on 1994 by the architect Massi Ferrachi and present with showrooms in Madrid, Ibiza and Marbella, Ibermaison is a multifunctional company of architecture, design, decoration and real estate. We are market leaders as one of the most important companies of contemporary design and have the exclusive rights on Ligne Roset, in addition to an own firm called I-Line.

Ibermaison provides the pleasure of entering your house to live there directly. We listen to what you need and we get to work, adapting to the project requirements and providing maximum efficiency.

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Ibermaison showrooms

Ibermaison is a company of architecture, design, contract and decoration, with showrooms in Madrid, Ibiza and Marbella and which has the basic departments to create home, commercial, residential and industrial projects, guaranteed by twenty years of experience.

The design and contract of the Ibermaison showrooms, created by the architect and artist Massi Ferrachi, contain the genuine identity and the philosophy of the brand.

Open spaces where to find the epitome of international contemporary design in addition to a team of architects, interior designers and decorators of architectural, new construction or renovation projects, as well as for construction or advice, and catalogue and sale of furniture. We work with top international firms, those who share with us the highest quality, design, durability, and we develop as well our own firm, I-Line, for custom-made furniture.

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Architecture as poetry

An architectural philosophy as a poetic expression in search of beauty and purity.

White as poetry, as fabric, as attitude; geometric abstraction and emptiness are the cornerstones of the formal language of architect Massi Ferrachi’s works.

Exclusive villas in Madrid and Ibiza. Ibermaison Real Estate has the task to offer the most exclusive solutions for customers who are looking for luxury propierties in Spain with contemporary architecture and design.

Great ideas Great projects

Since its opening in 1997, Ibermaison has taken part in the development and implementation of large industrial, residential and commercial projects, among which is included the emblematic Puerta América Hotel in Madrid.

Each floor of the hotel was assigned to an internationally recognised designer or architect, so the project was created and developed freely. Jean Nouvel,Zaha Hadid are some of the names that were involved in this adventure. Ibermaison Design Station, in close collaboration with architects and some of the world’s best known design editors (Vitra,Cappellini,Moroso,etc.), played an active role in this important company, taking part in seven of the twelve floors of the hotel through the development of projects such as the construction of exclusive pieces and their assembly. It should be added that Ibermaison Contract Design Station carried out interior design projects for clients in Madrid, Marbella and Ibiza.

We listen to the customer in order to understand his or her desires

We know how important listening is to arrive at an understanding of the project, so we offer all our experience in interior design for the purpose of facilitating and striking a balance in the choice of furniture, lighting, carpets, fabrics, accessories, as well as renovation works and specific decoration for apartments or offices. We can provide the best international design firms and we are exclusive distributors of the French company Ligne Roset..

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