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Architecture projects: Madrid + Ibiza + Marbella

Taking the challenges into account

The search for beauty of emptiness, the sophistication of reducing to the essential elements and an open, elegant and genuine simplicity characterise the Ibermaison’s architectural project in MadridMarbella and Ibiza.

Our architects create spaces that are able to describe a new simplicity, modern and contemporary.

Spaces filled with a vibrant spirituality, which emanates from each line, and each volume, with a true and impalpable power.

Starting from the dream to make matter


We realise that our concept of architecture blurs the boundaries between outside and inside.

Even in enclosed spaces, the sliding and the screen doors provide versatility and fluidity to the different areas of the house, letting light turn into a favoured guest.

The dimensions are cosy in its complete transparency.

As the gardens that recreate miniature natural universes, interiors incorporate elements of nature.

As Mies van der Rohe said,

“God is in the details”.

Ibermaison look for transparency, clarity, and turn utopia into space.

Interaction with the space, moving on it; look inside it and let effects penetrate into the various rooms to enjoy the reflection and contemplation.

Doesn’t matter at the what angle we place ourselves, a profound space-time relationship overcomes us, allowing us to be aware of the natural balance between what is and what will remain.

Architecture is always a reflection of a way of life.

A response to a feeling.

Our architectural projects

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Estudio de Arquitectura en Marbella

Architecture Studio in Marbella

Hire our architectural services in Marbella for the entire southern area.

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Architecture Studio in Madrid

Hire our architectural services in Madrid for the entire central area.

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