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Decoration projects

The Ibermaison concept is much more than a collection of designer furniture and objects, a decoration store or simply interior design. It is a way of imagining, organizing and living spaces.

Our showrooms offer you the experience of our interior designers and decorators so that your project transmits the emotion you are looking for. You can visit us at our locations in Marbella and Madrid to see the finishes that can be achieved and experience our work first-hand. For a better service and advice, it is advisable to make an appointment with our professionals and be able to dedicate the necessary time desired.

We advise you on the use of materials, elements, colors, volumes… and we interpret your idea to create the space you want.

Ibermaison interprets environments with originality and passion.

The result is environments that capture a different situation, particular and welcoming. Marking a lifestyle.

Ibermaison is …

“A place for the mind
A place for the soul
An original place”

Furniture for decoration

Ibermaison offers a wide variety of furniture of contemporary interior design, of original pieces and furniture from market leaders, as well as luxury decoration and modern and contemporary artworks. Visit our store and see some of our available pieces.

We appreciate the job well done and respect the companies that struggle to keep their identity, working directly with international firms and brands.

We believe in integrity and balance between past and present, and understand projects as the way of helping the customer to achieve any proposal in architectureinterior design and creativity.

The best decoration brands

The Department of Decoration and Interior Design offers the greatest versatility, finding concrete solutions to develop projects with maximum efficiency.

Among the most outstanding brands of designer furniture with which Ibermaison works are Ligne RosetVitraZanottaCassinaDriadeKartellManutti

iLine: decoration with an own brand

Ibermaison has its own brand iLine to meet any need for original design, custom furniture or unique pieces for any space: kitchenbathroomdressing roomhome office

Decoration, a philosophy of life

In Ibermaison we understand decoration as a philosophy of life, in which each element has its place and space.

We decorate with common sense

From the arrival of the project –decoration or interior design–, Ibermaison studies and designs the proposal, understanding the client’s needs.

The team of decorators and interior designers contribute their experience, proportion and balance to achieve optimal results and satisfaction.

We claim for originality

“Just as the actor needs the proper scene, interior of houses should complement those who inhabit them.”

Living with Art

Ibermaison is a way of approaching the essence of things, through the senses and emotions.

The way of approaching spaces is a new way of living and feeling, it is Living with Art.

That is why we strive to find the best contemporary designs, the most relevant brands in the world of decoration, the most original objects, the latest technology …

In its emphasis on simplicity, harmony, purity and naturalness, Ibermaison combines elements and spaces to create clean and contagious atmospheres.

Make our homes a place of poetry

Paul Klee expressed it very well:

“One eye sees, the other feels”.

Applied to the home, Ibermaison’s philosophy is a way of approaching the essence of things through this double movement: seeing and feeling.

It’s a new way of looking at it.

That the luxury decoration is integrated into a feeling of maximum comfort.

Seen from a certain state of mind, focusing on our intimate spaces, or the gardens that surround us – and invade us – is something that tends strongly towards the inevitable, the essential.

Ibermaison’s philosophy shows that to achieve deep and lasting peace, negative habits must be unlearned and dark emotions must be forgotten.

For this reason we concentrate on the moment, and in that careful attention we devote to the everyday, we learn to get rid of what is not essential.

The same thing happens inside a house.

The environment reflects, and at the same time inspires, a peaceful state of mind.

We shape the environment and the environment shapes us in turn.

“I am the space where I am”

The awakened, illuminated mind is an empty mirror that reflects all things with perfection and responds to all things appropriately.

Feeling at home

Projects of houses to live

The latest technology, or a Hygge decoration with Swedish touches, or lovers of baroque, industrial style; we all have a definite taste in how we want our house to be – whether it is new or to be renovated – but sometimes, the help of an interior designer who understands us, and facilitates our decisions, is what we need.

In Ibermaison we are so in love with decoration that each project is a new challenge and a new illusion for us.

We would like to be part of that decision making and make a home with you.

Projects of houses for rent

We are increasingly demanding in our leisure time, on vacation or at work, and this concept is also aimed at the choice of our tourist apartment.

When we look for a place to spend our holidays –or for work–, we look at the numerous websites that show us multiple options, and obviously we are fascinated by those with design, clear spaces and comfort, because the decoration is one of the characteristics that most influences the final choice.

In Ibermaison we decorate your tourist apartment to promote visits and rentals with budgets studied for you to successfully market your business.

Projects of houses for sale

Projects of houses to sellGet to a house for sale and notice from the moment you enter the door the comfort, the design, the order… everything counts so that our perception expands and our decision to buy is accentuated.

Based on Homestaging, Ibermaison studies interior design models to prepare, enhance and contribute with decoration techniques, an economic extra in the sale of your house.

With a smart and tight investment, your property is instantly revalued.

[ Services ]

Interior Design and Decoration Services

Ibermaison’s Contract department has a team of qualified and experienced professionals, capable of operating all over the world and adapting to the numerous technical requirements.

Ibermaison’s solutions will always meet the specifications of the country where the Contract project takes place.

The Contract Office maintains a constant update to respond to the changing specifications of the project, a consequence of the pace at which technology evolves, compliance with regulations, as well as technical approvals for the final use of the product.

Ibermaison has three offices in strategic areas:

Decoration Studio in Marbella

Hire our decoration services in Marbella for the entire southern area.


Decoration Studio in Madrid

Hire our decoration services in Madrid for the entire Central area.

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