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Contract projects: Madrid + Marbella

Laboratory of Ideas

Ibermaison’s Contract department covers all types of integral design and decoration projects for retailhotelsrestaurantsofficesephemeral spaces and all types of public spaces.

It is conceived to be a service department, which works closely with the client, taking charge of carrying out Contract projects according to specific needs.

The professionals, from the beginning of the presentation of the idea, develop their project in an orderly manner by phases:

  • Study of the project
  • Logistics Organization
  • Choice of Materials
  • Installation

Ibermaison offers a high level of service and operational flexibility to continue after-sales maintenance and provide replacement guarantees.


Always in the vanguard

Ibermaison’s Contract Department works closely with teams of decorators and interior designers to provide creative ideas and avant-garde design furniture suitable for the most demanding and exquisite requirements.

Due to its dynamism and evolution, both in the vanguard of production and in the distribution of modern quality design, Ibermaison is a reference point in the participation of some of the most important events in the industry.


Contract in Marbella & Madrid

Ibermaison’s Contract Department has a team of qualified and experienced professionals, capable of operating worldwide and adapting to the many technical requirements.

Ibermaison’s solutions will always meet the specifications of the country where the Contract project takes place.

The Contract Office is constantly updated to respond to the changing specifications of the project, a consequence of the pace at which technology evolves, compliance with regulations, as well as technical approvals for the final use of the product.

Ibermaison has contract offices in strategic areas:

Estudio de Arquitectura en Marbella

Contract Office in Marbella

Hire the services of Contract for retail, hotels, restaurants, offices, ephemeral spaces and public spaces in the Marbella Office.

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Contract Office in Madrid

Hire the services of Contract for retail, hotels, restaurants, offices, ephemeral spaces and public spaces in the Office in Madrid.

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