Icons of modern design, the most original furniture, the best international brands.

This collection of furniture and accessories includes the visions and creations of a selection of international brands and brings together both current and past designers, including the famous authors of modern classics.

Our mission is to offer you a selection of impressive furniture and accessories, with a complete service and everything you need for your satisfaction.

Sean cual sea su presupuesto o sus gustos en esta colección siempre habrá una pieza que encaje perfectamente en su hogar.

Whatever your budget or tastes, this collection will always have a piece that fits perfectly into your home.

  • Art


    Art is the community's medicine for the worst disease of the mind. R. G. Collingwood
  • Chairs


    Some of the chair models in this selection have become milestones in the history of 20th century furniture design, with production continuing more than 60 years later. Other chair models represent the spirit of current innovation. But all of them are characterized by their harmonious combination of functionality, design and materials. These chairs cover any functional need: for home or…
  • Lounge chairs + Armchairs

    Lounge chairs + Armchairs

    The aim of an armchair or a lounge chair, from the iconic classic designs to the most ultramodern ones, is to provide maximum comfort and/or to become -for aesthetics- the dominant piece of a space. Most of this selection of lounge chairs and armchairs have set a new standard: they are more comfortable, lighter, more elegant and more modern than…
  • Sofas


    Nowadays, life is based on relaxing and enjoying one's free time. The living room is the showcase of any home, but at the same time it should provide people with a cozy place to relax. It is no longer just a place to receive guests, it has become a family room. Ibermaison offers you a selection of extremely comfortable sofas…
  • Tables + Desks

    Tables + Desks

    Nowadays, the dining room is much more than just a dining room. It's a place to gather around the table, even after the meal is over. It serves as a space to do homework, celebrate parties. It is the place where life reaches its fullness. The dining table is usually the center of communication in the house, where people gather…
  • Low Tables + Side Tables

    Low Tables + Side Tables

    This wide selection of low tables, coffee tables and side tables, with their different sizes and materials, offers infinite options to choose the ideal piece to accompany any sofa, armchair or armchair. Due to their design and unique appearance, some table models are capable of defining an ambience on their own.
  • Organize + Store

    Organize + Store

    Ibermaison offers you a wide selection of objects and multipurpose elements in different materials and sizes that will help in the distribution of the interiors and provide you with sufficient storage space. Here you can find a solution for every need to organize and store the objects of your life.
  • Stools + Benches

    Stools + Benches

    Many of these stools and benches have reached the status of classics in the history of furniture and can be found in the best museums and design collections. Depending on the context, stools or benches can be an ideal solution as seating or add a quality decorative detail to a space.
  • Outdoor


    The outdoor furniture for the terrace and the garden announce the spring and the arrival of good weather. They immerse us in a holiday atmosphere. They are the promise of good times and this collection plays with this promise. It's not just outdoor furniture. Above all, they are unique pieces that allow us to colonize the garden and the terrace,…