Nowadays, the dining room is much more than just a dining room. It’s a place to gather around the table, even after the meal is over.

It serves as a space to do homework, celebrate parties. It is the place where life reaches its fullness.

The dining table is usually the center of communication in the house, where people gather to eat, receive friends, play and chat. But they can also become desks to do our work or outdoor tables for the terrace or garden where we can enjoy the good weather.


The options for choosing a table or desk exceed our imagination: different sizes, square, rectangular, circular, oval or asymmetric shapes, extendable or folding, with metal, resin or wood construction, marble, ceramic or stone, glass or crystal, pure or traditional lines, with modern or classic design … if in this selection you do not find the table or desk you are looking for consult us, or if you prefer we invite you to visit our showrooms.