Nowadays, life is based on relaxing and enjoying one’s free time.

The living room is the showcase of any home, but at the same time it should provide people with a cozy place to relax.

It is no longer just a place to receive guests, it has become a family room.

Ibermaison offers you a selection of extremely comfortable sofas that can be adapted to the dimensions of your living room and configured to meet the most diverse personal tastes.

Sofas have become a soft surface that is used in many different ways: to watch TV, to sleep, to eat, to wait …


The options for choosing a sofa are varied: modular, two-seater, three-seater, four-seater or more, with ottoman or footrest, with chaise longue, with different back and seat heights, with different seat depth measurements, with adjustable headrest, with or without cushions, with or without arms, different comfort densities, with metal or wooden structure, with or without legs, upholstered in leather, alcantara or textile, with capitoné, with symmetrical or organic shape, with pure lines or more traditional, with modern or classic design, removable, even as a divan or sofa bed … if in this selection you do not find what you are looking for consult us, or if you prefer we invite you to visit our showrooms.