Some of the chair models in this selection have become milestones in the history of 20th century furniture design, with production continuing more than 60 years later. Other chair models represent the spirit of current innovation. But all of them are characterized by their harmonious combination of functionality, design and materials.

These chairs cover any functional need: for home or work, for indoors or outdoors; and aesthetics: minimalist forms and discreet elegance, maintaining their identity.


The options for choosing a chair are innumerable: different heights of back and seat, different measures of depth or width of the seat, with or without arms, different densities of comfort, with metallic, resin or wooden construction, with swivel base or wheels, upholstered in leather, alcantara or textile, finished in capital, with symmetrical or organic form, with pure or traditional lines, with modern or classic design, with removable covers … if in this selection you do not find a chair that you are looking for consult us, or if you prefer it we invite you to visit our showrooms.