Molteni & C

The Molteni group is one of Italy's leading industrial groups in the furnishing sector and it is one of the few with an integral manufacturing cycle.

It has total control of its production, from the choice of materials to the final definition of the piece. It has developed an extensive synergy in terms of technology, research and the exploration of new types adapted to the changes in course in the home and workplace.

The Molteni group has always worked with first-rate designers such as Pier Luigi Cerri, Foster & Partners, Luca Meda, Jean Nouvel, Patricia Urquiola. It has developed a number of solutions suited to all parts of the home, from wardrobe to living room and study/home office.

They are designs in constant evolution, both in technical and construction terms, as well as in function and comfort.

All the designers who work with Molteni are highly individual but agree on the fact that furniture must be elegant and comfortable, but, at the same time, sturdy and incorporate attention to detail and be produced from fine woods and carefully checked materials. This is furniture which, apart from the individual charm of each piece, offers a possibility to define the lifestyle.