Giorgetti manufactures modern and high quality furniture sofas, armchairs, chaise longues, tables, side tables, chairs, beds, storage units, lamps using high technologies and pays attention to the details so as to decorate prestigious and exclusive spaces.

Giorgetti uses constant innovation, excellent quality and woodworking experience to gain a defined identity among contemporary design companies.

Its collection, distributed worldwide, is characterised by original creativity deriving from the cooperation with contemporary designers: Massimo Scolari, Léon Krier and Chi Wing Lo, Nicola Adami, Umberto Asnago, Antonello Mosca and Laura Silvestrini.

Almost unparalleled as far as range and variety are concerned, its collection offers not just products but a lifestyle with both autonomous and at the same time complementary pieces, able to create elegant and harmonious spaces, sober and personalized, far from the habitual furnishing schemes.

The Giorgetti lifestyle is dedicated to heterogeneous and cosmopolitan customers who share the pleasure of beauty and the desire to be surrounded by valuable furniture.