Massi Ferrachi was an artist who lived and worked in Madrid. The artworks of Ferrachi Atelier have been exhibited in Madrid since the mid-1990s.

His works are characterized by large colored forms, which are contained in perceptually shifting fields, adding to the two-dimensional pictorial relationships through the illusory perception of atmospheric space.

The field of the canvas houses these forms, as well as script-like drawing strokes, and words and phrases that suggest fragmented narratives.

Massi Ferrachi worked mainly with his hands, using his left hand, even though he was right-handed. He has stated that the quality of discovery is most evident with the naive, untrained hand.

Massi Ferrachi wrote about these works:

The tension of these paintings lies in the search for the unknown, somewhere between a known past, under control, understood and accepted - the I of yesterday as a different but peaceful place - and the uncertain tomorrow, uncomfortable because unexplored, as raw and attractive as a magnet.

When I exhibit a new work, it is based on the extrapolation of an idea. And, as profound, and as varied in appearance, as it is on a structural level, a programmatic approach to making a painting is a way of investigating the resonance of an idea through the convention of a format. Thus, the idea of making an abstract painting with a multiplicity of mental perspectives rooted in the specification of the medium through its relationship to color, matter and sensation provides viewers with the means to appreciate a rich and inexhaustible mother load of perception.

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