The concept of a house for Bonacina has no limits: the exterior and interior are joined, reflected and crossed.

From the inside of the house the pleasure of living is transferred to the outside, bringing in open spaces comfort, culture, desires.

Meanwhile, outside, air and light diffuse in the rooms the sensations of nature, its colours and the passage of the seasons.

What happens is an exchange of energies and perceptions that diminishes the distance between inside and outside, and creates a common atmosphere of balance and continuity throughout the living space.

The result is a house that lives both from its natural or metropolitan context.

A house that absorbs or reflects the environment around it, allowing elements to appear in the background of each room.

The corner of a garden or a beach, the view of a lake or the skyline of the city, are images that merge or link with the furniture of the Bonacina collections.

Bonacina has developed a close collaboration with designers and architects by making available to them the knowledge of materials and technical skills developed in the course of its historical activity.

The result is in the current collections and in the union of the products, which, even if they are repeated, are constantly created and interpreted in a personal way, to last in taste and time.