Baleri Italia

Baleri Italia was founded by Enrico Baleri and Marilisa Decimo in 1984, becoming one of the iconic brands of the 20th century, producing quality furniture with a high design content.

Backed by years of sobriety and rigour of function and form, the maximum expression of a pragmatic and unattainable design idea; in the search for the perfect object, not obsolete, not flashy, but consistent and international.

Baleri Italia's objects and furniture collections are always up-to-date, signed by great designers, but also by newcomers who later became masters, giving life to a classic-contemporary universe that has found its vitality, production, communication and strength.

Baleri Italia has collaborated with successful designers like Alessandro Mendini, Angelo Mangiarotti and Denis Santachiara, among others. But it has also allowed itself to launch new talents.

The first was a young Philippe Starck and he joined the continuous technological experimentation that made Baleri Italia an innovator in materials and manufacturing techniques and product solutions. Later Hannes Wettstein and Luigi Baroli would join him.

The cock of Baleri Italia's trademark, represents their cheerful and optimistic approach.