• Grandes volúmenes, amplias superficies
  • Nueva definiciópn del ambiente de cocina
    Connotación formal mínima
  • Bookcases Open light
  • Bed Brezee
    Open system
  • Bookcase stay
  • Cocina de estilo contemporáneo
    Con Iline emerge la voluntad de dar forma a una nueva cocina
  • Iline organización
  • Iline detalles
    Iline nueva cocina
  • Formas esenciales manteniendo una alta capacidad operativa
  • Bookcase Aleph
    Library wall
  • System Wall Unit
  • Sideboard Frame
    Bed Tang State
  • System Wall
  • Table Moon
    Table Tranoi
  • sssa

ILINE makes kitchens exploring the potential of materials and mechanical engineering, aware of the discoveries and opportunities has enabled progress, but at the same time respecting eternal as the experience and tradition values.
Quick, timely and accurate when it comes to production and control, total quality ILINE guarantees: a beginning and commitment that accompanies all their kitchens from concept design to everyday use.

- More: http://blog.ibermaison.es/iline