• O_house_ibiza_003
  • O_house_ibiza_002
  • O_house_ibiza_004
    O house ibiza
  • E_house_ibiza
  • E_house_ibiza_001
    un proyecto de connotación formal mínima
  • Unidad funcional reducida a puro dibujo
  • M_house_ibiza_009
  • M_house_ibiza_006
  • M_house_ibiza_008
    M house ibiza
  • H_house_ibiza_011
  • El blanco repetido,
silueta recortada contra un cielo increíblemente azul
    Un espacio que se respira, abierto, infinito y definido
  • H_house_ibiza_014
  • Accerso escalera principal
  • Fachada principal
    Terraza con jacuzzi
  • comodin

The search for the beauty of emptiness, the sophistication of the reduction to the essentials, an airy, elegant and authentic simplicity characterize architecture projects Ibermaison Design Station. Thus, areas that describe a new monumentality, modern monastic form. Spaces filled with a vibrant spirituality that emanates from each line, and each volume with a royal icing and energy.
O oxygen. Below the earth, stone, rock. Above the sky.
E of space. Discover a place in the world. Architecture as element ...
H to inhabit. White, white, white. White repeated silhouetted ...
White House. From the dream, create matter.